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Magician, Kyle Summers is one of the UK’s most in-demand close-up table magicians for weddings, events, and parties. Movie director Michael Winner, Lord Bamford, and Lord McKay, plus many more celebrities have seen Kyle in action and been amazed by his magic.

Kyle has performed as a table magician since he moved to the UK from Los Angeles, California in 1997. He was very quickly accepted into the esteemed British entertainers union, Equity, and passed the entrance examination to the world-renowned Magic Circle upon his first attempt.

Kyle has extended his knowledge and skill to the cutting edge to become one of the finest close-up magicians in the UK. With the rise in popularity of magicians (thanks to David Blaine and Dynamo) Kyle is committed to using the most sophisticated techniques known to exist within the art of magic. His Californian sparkle and dynamic approach, combined with some of the most advanced magic to date, ensures the success of any part or event.

Wedding Magician UK

As one of the UK's leading wedding magicians, Kyle performs frequently at weddings and civil partnerships throughout Great Britain. Wherever you are in the UK, Kyle will travel to bring amazement and levity with his close up magic to your special event. Examples of his frequent performance areas are London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Cambridge, Carlisle, Peterborough and Canterbury.

Party Magician UK

Kyle has also achieved great popularity as a party magician for birthdays, office, and private house parties across the UK.

Kyle says:

“I feel privileged to be a magician and I never get over the fact that I make a living doing what they do. As a close up magician, it is my job, as it is the job any magician, to give people a sense of wonder and astonishment. We’ve got the best vocation in the world.”

Some of Kyle's clients and performance venues:


Table Magician – Close-up Magician

Close-up magicians are also known as table magicians because they perform effects close to the audience, providing the most interactive and mesmerizing style of illusions. It can even happen in the hands of the audience member – something that cannot happen if the person is watching it all happen on stage or on the other side of a television screen.


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